Date kernel is a plant-derived byproduct that has the potential to be converted into a high-value-added food ingredient, such as protein concentrate, in the food industry. Ultrasound, whichis an alternative method for improving the functional properties of food proteins, is an effectivephysical treatment for modifying protein functionality. Solubility is the main criterion that primarilyaffects other functional properties of protein concentrates, such as emulsification, foaming, and wa-ter and oil binding. The aim of this study is to enhance the techno-functional performance of dateseed protein concentrate (DSPC) by maximizing the solubility via a high-intensity ultrasound(HIUS) treatment at a fixed frequency of 20 kHz. The effect of ultrasonic homogenization undervarying amplitudes and times (amplitude of 40, 60, and 80% for 5, 10, and 15 min, respectively) onthe functional properties of the DSPC was investigated by using the response surface methodology(RSM). A face-centered central composite design (FC-CCD) revealed that the optimal process con-ditions of HIUS were at an amplitude of 80% for 15 min. The physicochemical and functional prop-erties of the ultrasound-applied concentrate (DSPC-US) were determined under the optimum HIUSconditions, and then these properties of DSPC-US were compared to the native DSPC. The resultsshowed that the solubility of all DSPC samples treated by HIUS was significantly (p < 0.05) higherthan that of the native DSPC. In addition, emulsion activity/stability, foaming activity/stability, andoil-binding capacity increased after HIUS homogenization treatments, whereas the water-bindingcapacity decreased. These changes in the techno-functional properties of the DSPC-US were ex-plained by the modification to the physicochemical structure of the DSPC (particle size, zeta poten-tial, SDS-PAGE, SEM, FTIR, DSC, free SH content, surface hydrophobicity, and intrinsic emission).This work revealed that HIUS could be an effective treatment for enhancing the functional proper-ties of date seed protein concentrate
(PDF) Improving the Functional Performance of Date Seed Protein Concentrate by High-Intensity Ultrasonic Treatment. Available from: [accessed Dec 30 2022].