Post-Cholecystectomy problems are very common complaint encountered in the out patient clinic. In this work, 200 patients with post cholecytectomy problems were managed using endoscopic approaches (120 females and 80 males), the study reveals that most of these problems are preventable by better evaluation pre operatively, and good surgical skills during operation.

          Variable presentations were encountered as bile leakage, jaundice, cholangiogram abnormally, biliary colic, or cholangitis, and endoscopic approach proved great usefulness not only in diagnosis and evaluation of these problems , but also considered the main stay of treatment. Endoscopic management of biliary stones was done in 92 cases by either basket, balloon retrieval or mechanical lithotrepsy either internal or external method. Also, endoscopic treatment of biliary stricture or injury was done in 85 cases by appropriate done as nasobiliary catheter application for cholangitis or leakage, rendez vous technique in some difficult cases, and biopsy in suspicious lesions.

Endoscopic approaches proved efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness in diagnosing and treating post cholecystectomy problems.