The toxic effect of six compounds were determined on A. aurantii different stages attacking mandarin
trees in the field at Nag-Hammady, Qena Governorate, during 2010 and 2011 seasons, also their side effect on
the associated natural enemies were studied . The compounds used were Super Misrona + Actilic, KZ- Oil +
Admiral, KZ- oil, Super Misrona, Actelic and Admiral. Data clearly showed that the differences between
treatments were significant in regardless of sampling dates and seasons. Super Misrona+Actilic and KZOil+
Admiral were the most effective compound against nymph, young adult female, adult gravid female and
total population of A. aurantii, while, Admiral recorded the lowest effect during both seasons. In regard of
natural enemies, Actelic was found to be the most toxic and harmful one in both seasons. However, the lower
toxic effects were found in KZ -Oil and Super Misrona on parasitoid and Admiral on predator.