The present work was carried out in the laboratory of Plant Protection Department, Faculty of
Agriculture, Assiut University during two successive rearing 2011, season. Ten powders treatment plus
untreated were used with mulberry leaves in feeding fourth and fifth instar during the present work with sprinkle
on mulberry leaves. They were:- 1-Wheat Flour 2- Pollen Powder 3-Carrot Powder 4-Potato Powder 5-Brane
6-Palm Pollen 7- Soya Flour 8- Starch 9- Carrot +Pollen 10- Potato+ Pollen , plus untreated leaves , to study
the effect of treatments with different three level of doses 5, 10 and 15 g. of some carbohydrates and proteins
in powder forms on the mean pupal, cocoons, cocoon shell weight (g.) and cocoon shell ratio (%) of fourth and
fifth instar larvae of silkworm. Results obtained revealed that, the palm pollen was more increase in pupal,
cocoons and cocoon shell weight, followed by carrot powder and carrot + pollen. Also, the wheat flour was the
least increase in pupal weight, meanwhile showed a highly reverses of cocoon shell ratio. While all treatment
were different between them with increase or decrease of all parameters. Statistical analysis showed that soya
flour, starch and potato powder were the highest averages of cocoon shell ratio and weight. Whereas, brane
treatment was the least effect on the cocoon shell weight and cocoon shell ratio as comparison with all
treatments. Highly significant differences were observed between three doses in their effect of all parameters of
silkworm. In dose of 15g. showed a maximum averages in all cocoons parameters. Meanwhile in dose of 5 g.
increase the cocoons shell ratio in all treatments. Whereas, the pollen treatment was the least effect on cocoon
shell ratio when pollen + potato and pollen + carrot showed more increase weight in all treatment.