This study was aimed to evaluate the influence of Moringa Oleifera and/or Cichorium Intybus powder supplementation on performance, biochemical parameters, immunology and carcass quality of broiler chicks. Two hundred one-day-old chicks (Ross, 308 hybrid) were randomly allotted into four groups. Each group contained 50 chicks with five replicates. Feed was offered ad libitum to all groups. Group C were fed basal control diet. Chicks in the group M were fed basal diet supplemented with 1.5% M. oleifera and chicks in group CI were fed basal diet supplemented with 1.5% C. Intybus, while the chicks of group MC were fed basal diet supplemented with 0.75% M. oleifera plus 0.75% C. Intybus during experiment time. Body weight and feed amount were recorded every 15 days. Carcass yields were evaluated at the end of the experiment. The results revealed that supplements improved significantly bird weights, whereas the group C has the least mean value among the treatments. Group MC had better weight (239 3±80 g) than other groups (2180±48, 2020.5±97 1893±54 g, respectively for groups CI, M and C). Feed conversion ratio (FCR) was estimated 1.45, 1.48, 1.54 and 1.58 for MC, CI, M and C groups, respectively. Supplements group have lower total cholesterol than control. Finally, the use of a combination of C. Intybus and M. oleifera was recommended as good feed additives to improve productivity and enhance immunity.