The title compound, C24H21N3O3, crystallizes with two unique but closely r.m.s. overlay fit = 0.215 A˚) comparable molecules (1 and 2) in the asymmetric unit of the triclinic unit cell. In molecule 1, the dihedral angles between the central imidazlole ring and the benzene-ring substituents are 42.51 (9), 45.41 (9) and 56.92 (8), respectively. Comparable data for molecule 2 are 39.36 (10), 34.45 (11) and 60.34 (8), respectively. The rings at the 2-positions carry p-nitro substituents that subtend dihedral angles of 12.9 (4)
in molecule 1 and 11.7 (4) in molecule 2 to their respective benzene ring planes. The imidazole rings also
have propan-2-ol substituents on the 1-N atoms, which adopt extended conformations for the N—C—C—C chains. In the crystal, classical O—HN hydrogen bonds combine with C—HO, C—HNandC—(ring)
hydrogen bonds and stack the molecules along thea-axis direction.