Sohag1 and Assiut2 Universities


Introduction: Evidence exists that OA patients are at higher risk than the general population for developing several additional serious conditions and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in particular.

Aim of the study: Our study aimed to search for the association of hand osteoarthritis (HOA), with evidence of atherosclerotic vascular disease in population above 45 years old.

Patients and Methods: This study was carried out at the Department of rheumatology and  rehabilitation, Sohag University ,Sohag  Hospital, during  2013-2014. It is a Cross-sectional study comprising the following groups: 30 patients with hand osteoarthritis above 45 years old, the patient diagnosed as having hand OA according to the American College of Rheumatology criteria for classification of HOA, 30 patients with non-hand osteoarthritis(knee OA) above 45 years old and 30 healthy volunteers as control.

Results: Comparing the three groups of our study together regarding cardiac symptomatology and cardiac signs, and also by investigations incluing ECG, Echo and Doppler, we found that hand OA patients showed the most frequent cardiac manifestations, followed by knee OA and least frequent among control subjects. However, these differences were only significant in the prevalence of dyspnea. The cause of non significance regarding other manifestations may be due to the limited number of positive cases in the three groups.

Conclusion: The exploration of the relationship of OA specially hand OA with heart disease, MI, CHF and angina and atherosclerosis remains a promising and important area of research. Since OA is a very common health condition, an association between OA and CVD and astherosclerosis would be important from a public health perspective.

Keywords: Hand OA, Atherosclerosis, CAD.