Background: The main objectives of treatment of cervical agenesis were symptom relief, achievement of regular menstruation and restoring fertility and management of these cases represents a challenge as in many cases treatment fails and hysterectomy may be needed. In this case report a simple method was used and proved effective.

Case report: A size 16 Silicone Foley’s catheter was used to create a uterovaginal tract through combined abdominal and vaginal approaches in 18 years old patient with the diagnosis of the uncommon cervical agenesis and hematometra of 24 weeks pregnant uterus size. Postoperatively three courses of cyclic estrogen/progestagen therapy were given for 20 days every month. Three days after the first course, the first menstruation occurred through the uterine catheter. The Foley’s catheter was removed five weeks postoperatively. The patient was followed up for a year, and menstruation occurred at regular monthly intervals.
Conclusion: The procedure promises to be a simple and reasonably effective method for the creation of a menstrual outflow tract for cases of cervical agenesis with functioning uterus.