AIM: To summarize the effects of laparoscopic ethanol
injection and radiofrequency ablation (L-EI-RFA), thoracoscopic (T-EI-RFA) and open-surgery assisted EI-RFA
(O-EI-RFA) under general anesthesia for the treatment
of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
METHODS: Time-lag performance of RFA after ethanol
injection (Time-lag PEI-RFA) was performed in all cases.
The volume of coagulated necrosis and the applied energy for total and per unit volume coagulated necrosis
were examined in the groups treated under general
(group G) or local anesthesia (group L).
RESULTS: The results showed that the total applied
energy and the applied energy per unit volume of whole
and marginal, coagulated necrosis were significantly
larger in group G than those in the group L, resulting in
a larger volume of coagulated necrosis in the group G.
The rate of local tumor recurrence within one year was
extremely low in group G.