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Electricity and Alternating Current, 201 phys

2018-09-02 12:52:36 |

Electricity and Alternating Current(201 phys)


This course is taught for the second year students in the Faculty of Science, specializing in physics and chemistry, as well as specialization in physics and mathematics.



  • Gain deeper understanding of Electricity and Alternating current.
  • Consolidate the understanding of fundamental concepts in Electricity and alternating current more rigorously as needed for further studies in physics, engineering and technology.
  • Advance skills and capability for formulating and solving problems.
  • Expand and exercise the students’ physical intuition and thinking process through the understanding of the theory and application of this knowledge to the solution of practical problems.


Course contents:

Chapter 1: Vectors

Chapter 2: Magnetic Fields

Chapter 3: Sources of the Magnetic Fields

Chapter 4: Induction

Chapter 5: Inductance and Magnetic Energy

Chapter 6:Alternating Current Circuits

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