Theoritical course:

– Overall Aims of Course to define and know each of the following:

1- animal ethology

2-ethological need of animal

3-behaioural problems

4-what is going in animal mind

5-behavioural principles affecting animals

6-behaviour and homeostasis

7-different types of animal tempers

8-temper and temperament

9-inherited behaviour of animals

10-aquired behaviour of animals

11-behaviour of horse

12-behaviour of cattle

13- behavior of buffalo

14-behaviour of sheep

15- behaviour of goat

16- behaviour of dog

17-behaviour of cat

18-behaviour of poultry


B- Practicaitical course

1-grooming and washimg of animals

2-clipping  of animals

3-dipping and shearing of sheep

4-clothing and bedding of animals

5-bad habits"vices" of animals

6-signs of health and disease

7-methods of drug administration

8-Aging and dentition