1. Which of the following factors affect the corrosion rate of metal?
a) Relative surface area of an anode and cathode
b) Nature of the oxide layer
c) Purity of metal
d) Relative surface area of an anode and cathode, nature of oxide layer and purity of metal

2. The cathodic reaction that occurs during corrosion in oxygenated acidic solution is ______
a) 2H++2e==>H2
b) 4H++O2+4e==>2H2O
c) 2H2O+2e==>H2+2OH
d) 2H2O+O2+4e==>4OH

8. What are the factors that affect corrosion?
a) Temperature
b) Humidity
c) Conductance of the corroding medium 

d) Temperature, humidity and conductance of the corroding medium