Course Objectives

Help the students to understand of Electrical materials and their characteristics.

Electrical materials application in electrical equipment.

Teach the student the physical bases of the superconductivity of some materials.

Teach the student the characteristics of Conductors, semiconductors and dielectric

Teach the student the magnetic and optical properties of materials

Intended Learning Outcome

:By the end of this course the student should be able

(1) Knowledge and Understanding

understand the concepts of elementary material science and quantum physics

understand the phenomenon of electrical conduction in solids

understand the characteristics of dielectric materials and insulation

understand the characteristics of magnetic materials and know its properties and understand the phenomenon of superconductivity

understands the characteristics of Semiconductor Materials

(2) Intellectual Skills

Compare between dia-magnetic material, paramagnetic material and ferromagnetic material.

 Select appropriate solution to calculate charge, capacity, energy stored of the condenser, potential gradient in the dielectric, flux density, field.

 intensity and relative permeability State the factors affecting on insulating material selection.

(3) Professional Skills

 Specify and evaluate model the material by FEM package

Specify and evaluate the process of polarization of a dielectric material