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Lecturer - مدرس علاج الأورام والطب النووي- كلية الطب, استشاري علاج الأورام

Faculty of medicine

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Radiotherapy: physics and techniques, general

2018-09-04 19:39:13 |

this course entails teaching of the following:

principles of radiation physics, dosimetry, treatment planning

photon beam external beam dosimetry and planning

electron beam therapy dosimetry and treatment planning

three dimensional conformal radiation therpay

radiation toxicity and treatmnet

techniques and modalities : fractionation schedules, modifiers, fixations,clinical aspects and application

concepts of chemotherapy with radiotherapy

course 2

2018-09-05 01:40:38 Radiotherapy: physics and techniques, general
this includes the fundamentals and principles for the practical radiation treatment in cancer patients Read more