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Lecturer - مدرس علاج الأورام والطب النووي- كلية الطب, استشاري علاج الأورام

Faculty of medicine

Address: 4 شارع التعاون -الأرقم - سوهاج



Treatment Planning Considerations for Breast Cancer, Jean M. ...

2019-02-14 00:25:23 radiobiogy general and special scheme
General principles of physics and radiotherapy parameters involved in oncology to treat breast cancer Read more

master class of lung cancer treatment

2018-09-05 02:40:17 master class of lung cancer treatment
master class presentation for lung cancer treatment Read more


2018-09-05 02:38:22 palliative care in oncology
end life care and supportive measures Read more

course 5

2018-09-05 02:12:46 cancer chemotharpy course
text books for chemotherapy types, manipulation and administrations for each cancer type Read more

Clinical oncology

2018-09-05 01:56:34 Clinical oncology
it discuss how candidates can diagnose, evaluate, treat different cancer types Read more

course 2

2018-09-05 01:40:38 Radiotherapy: physics and techniques, general
this includes the fundamentals and principles for the practical radiation treatment in cancer patients Read more

lectures and books

2018-09-05 01:34:08 radiobiogy general and special scheme
these are supplements for the course which are considered as sources for candidates Read more

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