Ashraf Mohammad El-Badry

Assistant Professor - Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology

Faculty of medicine



Currently I hold the position of Assistant Professor of Surgery and Surgical Oncology at Sohag University

2018-10-23 11:53:31
Experimental Hepatopancreato-biliary and liver transplant laboratory at Sohag University
On February 2016, my grant application to the STDF won 4.578.000 Egyptian pounds Read more

2018-10-21 05:50:02 | Keywords Fatty, transplantation, liver,
Impact of Graft Steatosis on Postoperative Complications after Liver Transplantation
Background Steatotic grafts are more susceptible to ischemia-reperfusion injury than are normal grafts. Therefore, using steatotic grafts for liver transplantation (LT) is associated with high primary dysfunction and decreased survival rates. The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of graft steatosis on post LT outcomes. Methods A retrospective cohort analysis of 271 LT recipients from 2005 to ... Read more

2018-10-21 05:41:41 | Keywords Platel, transplantation, liver,
Low Platelet Counts After Liver Transplantation Predict Early Posttransplant Survival: The 60-5 Criterion
Platelets play a critical role in liver injury and regeneration. Thrombocytopenia is associated with increases in postoperative complications after partial hepatectomy, but it is unknown whether platelet counts could also predict outcomes after trans- plantation, a procedure that is often performed in thrombocytopenic patients. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evalu- ate whether platelet counts could be indicators ... Read more

2018-10-21 05:52:44 | Keywords Microcirculation, liver,
Circulatory injury in liver transplantation
Optimum graft function after liver transplantation is dependent on adequate sinusoidal perfusion. Hepatic microcirculation may be compromised by sev- eral factors such as cold ischemia, quality of the liver graft, handling of the organ during surgery, surgical procedure, and reperfusion injury. This chapter will focus on the pathological consequences of cold preservation and reperfu- sion injury on hepatic microcirculation. Microcirculatory ... Read more

2018-10-21 05:36:50 | Keywords serotonin, Regeneration, liver,
Activation of Serotonin Receptor-2B Rescues Small-for-Size Liver Graft Failure in Mice
The implantation of grafts below 30% of the normal liver volume is associated with a high risk of failure known as small-for-size (SFS) syndrome. Strategies to rescue small grafts may have a dramatic impact on organ shortage. Serotonin is a potent growth factor for the liver. The goal of this study was to determine whether enhanced serotonin signaling could prevent ... Read more

2018-10-21 04:54:52 | Keywords transplantation, Fatty, liver,
Liver transplantation using fatty livers: Always feasible?
Steatotic liver grafts represent the most common type of ‘‘extended criteria’’ organs that have been introduced during the last two decades due to the disparity between liver transplant candidates and the number available organs. A precise definition and reliable and reproducible method for steatosis quantification is currently lacking and the potential influence of the chemical composition of hepatic lipids has ... Read more

Liver Intravital microscopy course tasks:
Understanding the structure of the Intravitalmicrosope Lerning about types and indications of use of fluorescent dyes Hands-on training on intravital microscopy of the mouse and rat liver Read more