Ayman Mohammad Mohammad abdelghaffar

Assistant Professor - أستاذ م بكلية الطب

Faculty of medicine

Address: 17 ش محمود خلف ابو حجى


Special Informations: Ayman Mohammad Mohammad abdelghaffar
Full Name Ayman Mohammad Mohammad abdelghaffar
Email ayman_abdelghafar@med.sohag.edu.eg
Gender Male
birth date 1968-01-30
Faculty Faculty of medicine
Degree Assistant Professor
Address 17 ش محمود خلف ابو حجى
Current Position أستاذ م بكلية الطب
Academic Information
General Specialization جراحة القلب والصدر
Specialization جراحة الشريان الاورطى
Title of Master Thesis in Arabic تأثير استخدام عقار الايزوبريل(منشط مستقبلا بيتا) على ديناميكية الدورة الدموية بعد عملية توسيع الصمام الميترالى بالطريقة المغلقه
Title of Master's Thesis in English Effect of isuprel on hemodynamics after closed mitral commissurotomy
Title of PhD thesis in Arabic تقييم استخدام رقعة مركبة مع صمام فى عملية تغيير جذر الشريان الأورطى
Title of PhD thesis in English Assessment of aortic root replacement with valve composite graft
Supervisory and administrative functions مدير الاستقبال والطوارئ2011-2013 قائم بعمل رئيس قسم جراحة القلب والصدر من 15/5/2018
Phone 932329363
Fax 93602963
Mobile 01009899090
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Twitter URL https://twitter.com/ghaffori2011
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A brief about me



Personal data:-

Name: Ayman Mohammad Mohammad Abdel Ghaffar

Current Academic Position:Ass.professor of cardiothoracic surgery

Current Clinical position: Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Sohag University Hospital.

Gender: Male   

Birth Date: 30/1/1968                      

Marital Status:  Married and have four kids

Mail Address:

Dr. Ayman Mohammad Mohammad Abdel Ghaffar

Cardiothoracic surgery department

Faculty of Medicine

Sohag University

Sohag, Egypt

postal code: 82524

E- Mail Address:


Telephone Numbers:

Home phone: 0020932329363

Cell phone: 00201009899090

Fax Number: 0020934602963         




  • BCh (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in September, 1992, faculty of medicine, Assuit University, Egypt (WHO listed).

(6 years of full time medical study in English, including basic and clinical medical study).

  • Master degreein general surgery, Sohag Faculty of Medicine, South Valley University, Egypt, 1997.

MD in cardiothoracic surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt, 2008.

Clinical Background:-

House Officer (Rotating internship):

  • Pre-registration House Officer (Internship)for one year from March 1993 to March 1994 at Assuit University hospital, Assuit University. Two months in each of the following departments:

                  -Obstetrics and Gynecology department.

                  -  Internal medicine department.

                  - Pediatrics department.

                  - Chest department.

                  - General surgery department.

                  - Anesthesia & emergency departments.

  • Resident in General surgery department: from March 1994 to March 1998, Sohag university hospital, South valley university, Sohag, Egypt.
  • 4 months training at the department of emergency Qasr al eni University hospital in1996.
  • Assistant lecturer and specialist in cardiothoracic surgery from May 1998 to May 2008, Sohag University Hospital.
  • 6 month training at Qasr al eni cardiothoracic surgery department Cairo University at specialist level.

Administrative duties:

  • Manager of the emergency and trauma department at Sohag university hospital for two years(27/5/ 2011-2013)
  • Selecting patients for admission to the department.
  • Discharging patients postoperatively for outpatient follow-up.
  • Running the weekly outpatient clinic.
  • Selecting and ordering the annual supplies for the department.
  • Selecting and ordering the annual disposable supplies for the entire hospital.

Clinical experience:-

  • Pre-operative preparation
  • Post operative care (immediate in ICU and late in the ward)
  • Operative skills (as a first assistant or operating surgeon)

In Sohag University Hospital, I am actively participating as a surgeon or assistant in 2 regular theatre lists per week in addition to the emergency operations, cardiothoracic trauma and bronchoscopy.

I am enrolled in many Cardiothoracic Surgery teams in the nearby hospitals in our health district (Upper Egypt) as a part time participant. e.g, Sohag insurance hospital, Sohag Cardiac Institute, Sohag general hospital, sohag education hospital and sohag oncology center.

Yearly I perform and assist (first assistant or a surgeon) in nearly 250-300 open heart surgeries and major thoracic operations.


    Main Surgeon in:

  • Single and double valve replacement, triple valve surgery.
  • cardiac reoperations
  • Simple CHD as ASD, VSD, sub-aortic membrane, valvular PS and PDA.
  • Closed heart surgery as closed valvotomy and pericardiectomy.

     First assistant in:

  • The previous operations plus, on pump CABG, off pump CABG, mitral valve repair, aortic root replacement, complex congenital as tetralogy of Fallot.


               Main Surgeon in:   

  • Evaluation and management of cardiothoracic trauma
  • Rigid bronchoscopy (uncountable number). Adult and pediatric.
  • Thoracoscopy for minor procedures as pleural biopsy and pleurodesis.
  • Esophageal surgery as Heller for achalasia, trans-abdominal palliative stenting of obstructed cancer lower third esophagus, rigid esophagoscopy for F.B extraction.
  • Decortication, wedge resection, lobectomy and pneumonectomy.
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome (scalenotomy).
  • Repair of diaphragmatic hernia and different diaphragmatic injuries.


  • Chest wall tumors and rib resections.
  • ICT drainage and pleurodesis (uncountable number).


 First Assistant in Radical surgery for cancer esophagus.


  • Native language is Arabic
  • English (very good)
  • French( good)
  • Italian (good)


    -International computer driving license (ICDL) certificate.



  • The Egyptian Medical Syndicate.
  • The Egyptian Society of General Surgery.
  • The Egyptian Society of Cardiothoracic surgery.


  • Teaching undergraduate medical students in the surgery clinical rounds.
  • Effect of isuprel on hemodynamics after closed mitral commisurotomy. Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of master degree in general surgery.
  • Assessment of aortic root replacement with valve composite graft. Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of MD in cardiothoracic surgery.

International experience:


Membership in (a scientific mission) (università degli stüdi di milano) in Milano Multimedical Hospital (gruppo MultiMedica S.p.Asesto San Giovanni è riconosciuto via Milanese, 300, 20099 Sesto S. Giovanni - Milano for 2 years (from November 2004 to December 2006) as a visitor clinical fellow.




  • Hussain M. Gaafar MD: prof and head of cardiothoracic surgery, Cairo University. (Retired)
  • Francesco donatelli: professor and chairman of cardiothoracic and cardiovascular department-Milan university-Italy.
  • Essam A. Mokhtar MD: prof. and director of cardiothoracic surgery, Sohag faculty of medicine, Sohag University.
  • Patrick M.Ruchat MD.:consultant cardiac and vascular surgeon, Department of Cardio-vascular Surgery, Lausanne university school of medicine. (1994-present).
  • M Adel AlgamalMD.professor of pediatric cardiac surgery.Mansoura University
  • Ahmad Hussein Gaafar MD.professor of cardiothoracic surgery.Cairo University
  • Hassan Ahmad Hassanien MD:professor of cardiology and head of internal medicine department-Sohag university