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Faculty of medicine

Address: شارع السيدة زينب - مدينة ناصر -سوهاج تانى -سوهاج


Special Informations: ibrahim_abdelreheam1
Full Name ibrahim_abdelreheam1
Email ibrahim_abdelreheam1@med.sohag.edu.eg
Gender Male
birth date 1974-06-08
Faculty Faculty of medicine
Degree Professor
Address شارع السيدة زينب - مدينة ناصر -سوهاج تانى -سوهاج
Current Position استاذ مساعد
Academic Information
General Specialization جراحة الانف والاذن والحنجرة
Specialization جراحات مناظير الانف والجيوب الانفية وقاع الجمجمة
Title of Master's Thesis in English Posterior nasal obstruction in adults
Title of PhD thesis in English • Transnasal endoscopic approach to the anterior midline skull base lesions
Mobile 201005766816
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EKP بنك المعرفة المصري
A brief about me

Scientific activities and meetings


·  Head and neck radiology scientific day, ENT &Radiology departments, Sohag university,16-17 Jan. 2012. Speaking

·  Annual meeting of advanced nose and paranasal sinuses surgery, Sohag university, 25-26 Jan. 2012.

·  Cancer larynx scientific day, Sohag university,19th September 2012.

·  Attending and participating in the weekly scientific meeting in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology department, Sohag University under supervision of Prof. Abd-el Matin Moussa Abdel-latif since 19999 until now.


Conference and meeting attendence:


1.  Attending and participating in The 7th Annual Meeting of Sohag Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University, April 2010.

2.  The rhinology Egyptian 20th March 2014

3.  The 9th Egyptian international otolaryngology congress Feb. 2014

4.  Otoalex , September 2014

5.  The 5th otoalex, September 2015

6.  The second upper Egypt congress on ENT, Feb.2016

7.  Otoalex 16, September 2016

8.  Otoalex 17 September 2017

9.  Otoalex 18, September 2018

10.  CI surgical update, Cairo September 2018



11.  The 28 Alexendria international combined ORL congresses in 2010.

12.  The 6th world congress for endoscopic surgery and brain skull base surgery & spine; Second global update on FESS. Milano; April 2014

13.  The 32th Alexendria international combined ORL congresses in 2015.

14.  Pan African otolaryngology congress, March 2015

15.  The 33th Alexendria international combined ORL congresses in 2016.

16.  The Egyptian international otolaryngology congress, March 2017



Courses Attended:


1. 1st workshop in advanced endoscopic sinus surgery, ENT department, cairo university, 16-19 Jan. 2010.

2. Temporal bone dissection course including hand on program, held at Ain Shams specialized hospital 27th, march-1st April 2010.

3. Cochlear implant surgery, December 2015

4. Mastoidectomy and CI Temporal Bone Course, UniversitatsSpital Zurich, Switzerland, 19th January 2016.





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Post-graudate thesis supervision :

·    Coblation tonsillectomy versus cold Dissection tonsillectomy; is there a real difference in patient ´s outcomes


Socity members:


·    Egyptian Society for Head and Neck Oncology (ESHNO)

·    Egyptian Society of Ear, Nose, Throat & Allied Sciences (ESENTAS)