magdy abdelrahman mohamed

Assistant Professor - Assistant professor of obstetrics & Gynecology

Faculty of medicine

Address: Sohag- masinat nasser



الحمد لله على ما وهبته لنا من نعمة العلم. و أتمنى دوما  أن أظل متعلماً و معلماً.

2019-11-14 11:36:57 | Keywords lower segmen, cesarean section,
Lower segment folding as novel technique to control bleeding in cases of morbidly adherent placenta
AIM: To evaluate the effectiveness of lower segment folding in controlling lower segment bleeding and conserving uterus in cases with morbidly adherent placenta. METHODS: This study was conducted on OB/GYN emergency unit of Sohag University hospital. The upper edge of lower segment was sutured to the internal os in continuous purse-string manner using delayed absorbable sutures “N0 2 vicryl (polyglactin ... Read more

2019-11-14 11:40:31 | Keywords uterine ano, Caesarean section,
Frequency and types of uterine anomalies during caesarean section
Abstract In this study all women undergoing caesarean section were included regardless of the indication. After the foetus and placenta were delivered, the uterus was examined for the presence or absence of congenital malformation through digital palpation of uterine cavity and direct inspection of the fundus. Of the 653 caesarean sections included, uterine anomalies were diagnosed in 31 women (4.75%). ... Read more

BACKGROUND: Placenta previa is a prominent complication of pregnancy. There is increase in rate of placenta previa and accreta secondary to increase rate of cesarean section. OBJECTIVE: To compare the effects of spinal versus general anesthesia on the maternal aspects regarding morbidities and mortalities, and the neonatal outcomes. METHODS: This is randomized controlled study was carried out at Sohag University ... Read more

Effect of antenatal dexamethasone on serum umbilical cord C-peptide and glucose levels in term infants delivered by elective Cesarean section
Background: Antenatal steroid therapy recently has been considered for term and late preterm infants delivered by Cesarean section (CS), with the aim of preventing adverse respiratory morbidity. The main aim of this study was to investigate the metabolic effects of antenatal dexamethasone on blood glucose (BG) homeostasis and serum C-peptide level when administered to term fetuses. Methods: Umbilical cord blood ... Read more

2018-09-30 07:42:07 | Keywords compression suture, placenta previa, placenta accreta,
Parallel vertical compression sutures to control bleeding in cases of placenta previa and accreta
OBJECTIVE: to evaluate the effectiveness of full thickness vertical compression suture & intrauterine catheter in cases with placenta previa/accreta. STUDY DESIGN: This study was conducted on OBS/GYN Emergency unit of Sohag University Hospital. Two longitudinal parallel full thickness suture was taken using delayed absorbable suture ( N0 2 vicryl…) the entry of needle through anterior wall of lower uterine segment ... Read more