Omar Reyad Mohamed

Lecturer - مدرس علوم الحاسب

Faculty of science

Address: محافظة سوهاج-مدينة ناصر



Omar Reyad is a Lecturer of Computer Science at the Faculty of Science, Sohag University, Egypt. He
received his PhD degree from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of
Technology, Poland. He received his MSc in Computer Science from Sohag University. His main research interests are in Elliptic curve cryptography, Cryptographic protocols and Biometric security.

2018-11-20 12:52:02
Mid Term Test
الفرقة الثالثة قسم الرياضيات تخصص علوم الحاسب بكلية العلوم سوف يكون امتحان نصف الفصل الدراسي الاول يوم الاحد في معمل رقم1 من الساعه 10-11 صباحا... Read more

2018-10-04 15:39:56
محاضرة الحاسب الآلي
الفرقة الاولي قسم التاريخ بكلية الآداب سوف تكون المحاضرة يوم الاحد القادم في قاعة رقم 7 من الساعه 1-3 ظهرا اسبوعيا Read more

2018-09-20 19:39:27
محاضرة لغة الباسكال
الفرقة الثالثة قسم الرياضيات تخصص علوم الحاسب بكلية العلوم سوف تكون المحاضرة يوم الخميس القادم في مدرج رقم 5 من الساعه 8-12 صباحا Read more

2018-09-11 01:52:56
محاضرة الحاسب
الفرقة الاولي قسم اللغة الفرنسية بكلية الآداب سوف تكون المحاضرة يوم الثلاثاء القادم في قاعة رقم 3 من الساعه 1-3 ظهرا Read more

2018-09-03 23:32:58
Welcome Message
Dear Students, Faculty and Staff: Welcome to what is sure to be another exciting year at Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag University. I hope you have all enjoyed your summer and are excited to start the 2018-2019 academic year. Read more

2018-09-20 20:05:40 | Keywords Encoding and Decoding,
Text Message Encoding Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and a Mapping Methodology
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is a public-key cryptosystem which can be used for message encryption, key agreement protocols and digital signature applications. ECC offers high level of security with smaller key sizes makes it ideal fo r applications which run on small devices that have power and memory constraints such as smart cards and cell phones. Encoding (converting a plaintext ... Read more

2018-09-20 20:10:47 | Keywords Network Security, SDN,
New SDN-Oriented Distributed Network Security System
Software-Defined Network (SDN) is a network technology aimed to open new possibilities in network management and orchestration. This is important in future (especially mobile) networks, where virtualization of resources and network functions is the basic paradigm. SDN has been proposed to programmatically control networks, facilitating deployment of new applications and services, as well as tuning network policy and performance. It ... Read more

Multi-filter Score-Level Fusion for Fingerprint Verification
Biometric systems are widely used in various applications of today’s authentication technology. The unimodal systems suffer from var- ious stumbling blocks such as noisy inputs, non-universality, intra-class variability and imposter spoofing which affects the system performance and accuracy. To effectively handle these problems, two or more individual modalities are used. In this paper, we presented a multimodal approach for fingerprint ... Read more

2018-09-11 02:50:21 | Keywords Gray-scale, Color, Encryption,
A novel image encryption scheme based on different block sizes for grayscale and color images
In this paper, two image encryption schemes are proposed for grayscale and color images. The two encryption schemes are based on dividing each image into blocks of different sizes. In the first scheme, the two dimension (2D) input image is divided into various blocks of size N × N. Each plainimage block is transformed into a one dimensional (1D) array ... Read more

Statistical Analysis with SPSS
؟(SPSS) لماذا یفضل إستخدام اسلوب الترمیز عند إدخال بیانات غیر كمیة مثل تقدیرات الطلاب وذلك في برنامج Read more

2018-09-09 04:52:46 | Pascal Programming Language

2018-09-09 04:51:30 | Computer Technology
What are the basic units within a small desktop or personal computer? Read more