Emadeldeen Abdallah

Demonistrator - مسئول تطوير وتصميم موقع أعضاء هيئة التدريس وموقع الجامعة

Faculty of Computers and Information

Address: Sohag


2020 | Keywords
A Survey on Content-based Visual Information Retrieval
Images have always been seen as an effective medium for visual data presentation. In recent years, a tremendous combination of images and videos have been grown up rapidly due to technology evolution. Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval (CBVIR), which is the process of searching for images via the end user's predefined specific pattern (hand sketch, camera capture, or web scrawled). CBVIR ... Read more

2020 | Keywords
Adaptive Multimodal Feature Fusion for Content-Based Image Classification and Retrieval
Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is a potential application of computer vision to the image retrieval problem to search images from large-scale image databases according to a user’s request in terms of a query image. Semantic gap remains an endemic and awkward challenge for the development of high accuracy CBIR systems. It arises due to the inherent difference between the digital ... Read more