ahmed Salah Eldin saro

Assistant Professor - Assistant Professor of neurosurgery - Sohag faculty of medicine

Faculty of medicine

Address: Neurosurgery department- sohag faculty of medicine- Naser city - Sohag



Pott's disease

2018-10-25 17:39:02 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Pott disease, also known as tuberculous spondylitis, is one of the oldest demonstrated diseases of humankind, having been documented in spinal remains from the Iron Age in Europe and in ancient mummies from Egypt ... Read more


2018-10-25 17:30:53 1 Supplement | 1 Task
A meningioma is a tumour that grows out of the meninges, particularly the one known as the arachnoid layer (so called because it looks like a web). A meningioma is usually benign, although a ... Read more

brain metastasis

2018-10-25 17:27:18 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Brain metastasis is cancer that started in another part of the body and spread to the brain. It’s sometimes called secondary brain cancer or a metastatic brain tumour. Brain metastasis is not the same ... Read more

Spinal trauma

2018-10-25 17:24:35 0 Supplement | 0 Task
The MOST COMMON causes of spinal cord injuries are Motor vehicle crashes (48%) Falls (16%) The remainder of spinal cord injuries are attributed to assault (12%), sports (10%), and work-related accidents. About 80% of ... Read more

spinal canal stenosis

2018-10-25 17:21:26 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the ... Read more

Cervical disc prolapse

2018-10-25 17:18:06 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Cervical disc herniation (disc bulging/ruptured disc) is a common disorder of the spine that can lead to neck and/or arm pain. The herniated disc or displaced disc can compress a nerve exiting the spine ... Read more

lumbar disc prolapse

2018-10-25 17:15:18 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Lumbar disc disease accounts for a large amount of lost productivity in the workforce. Accurate diagnosis can be difficult and often requires interpretation. Treatment is controversial. Treatment failures are not uncommon, are often related ... Read more

Spinal cord metastasis

2018-10-25 17:09:20 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Metastatic spread to the spinal column is a growing problem in patients with cancer. It can cause a number of sequelae including pain, instability, and neurologic deficit. If left untreated, progressive myelopathy results in ... Read more

cerebello pontine angle tumors

2018-10-25 16:36:17 0 Supplement | 0 Task
The cerebellopontine angle (CPA) is the most common location of posterior fossa tumors. Common pathologic entities in the CPA include vestibular schwannomas, which account for 10% of all primary brain neoplasms, meningiomas, and arachnoid ... Read more

Acoustic neuroma

2018-10-25 16:30:38 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannomas) are benign Schwann cell tumors that typically arise from the vestibular portion of the eighth cranial nerve. The acoustic neuroma is the most common tumor of the cerebellopontine angle. The ... Read more

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