Dr. Mohamed ghazy

Lecturer - مدرس بقسم الميكانيكا

Faculty of industrial education

Address: جامعة سوهاج - كلية التكنولوجيا والتعليم



Publications Which contain the keyword: Cooling

2018-12-29 19:44:26 Keywords Cooling,
Experimental study on adsorption-desorption characteristics of granular activated carbon/R134a pair
Experimental runs were done to estimate the adsorption characteristics of granular activated carbon (GAC)/R134a pair. A laboratory scale test rig was designed and built to run the experiments. The adsorption capacity of the GAC was studied at different temperatures 25 C, 35 C, 45 C and 65 C. Pressure and time were recorded during the experiments. The maximum adsorption capacity ... Read more

2018-12-28 17:36:43 Keywords Cooling, Mohamed Ghazy, Ahmed A. Aska,
Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of HFC-404A onto bituminous based granular activated carbon for storage and cooling applications
Adsorption characteristics of granular activated carbon/HFC-404A has been investigated in terms of adsorption isotherms and kinetics. AquaSorb 2000 which is bituminous based carbon has been used as an adsorbent. Experimentally and theoretical investigations have been conducted within temperature range of 25–75 C. Experimental results have been fitted with Dubinin–Astakhov (D–A) and Tóth equations for the isotherms and linear driving force ... Read more

2018-12-28 17:38:40 Keywords Cooling,
Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of activated carbon/Difluoroethane adsorption pair: Theory and experiments
This study introduces a new adsorbent/refrigerant pair to be used in adsorption cooling applications. Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of Difluoroethane (HFC-152a) onto highly porous activated carbon Maxsorb III at temperatures ranging from 25 to 75°C have been investigated. Experimental data of adsorption uptake have been fitted with Dubinin–Astakhov (D– A) and Tóth equations. D–A equation is found to be more ... Read more

2018-12-28 17:55:11 Keywords Cooling,
High potential of employing bentonite in adsorption cooling systems driven by low grade heat source temperatures
In this research article a new modified adsorbent has been presented to be used in thermally driven adsorption systems for renewable energy applications. Bentonite is introduced as a cheap adsorbent with high potential for use in heat pumps or chillers driven by renewable energy. A simple acid activation procedure increases the inner surface of the material and also enhances the ... Read more

2018-12-28 19:07:41 Keywords Cooling,
Study of a silica gel-water based dual mode adsorption chiller
This article presents analytical investigation results on the performance of dual-mode multi-bed adsorption cooling systems using silica gel-water pair. This novel adsorption chiller utilizes effectively low-temperature solar or waste heat sources of temperature between 40 and 85°C. Two operation modes are possible for the advanced chiller. The first operation mode will be to work as a highly efficient conventional chiller ... Read more

2018-12-29 14:36:30 Keywords Cooling,
Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of HFC410A onto activated carbons
Experimental and theoretical adsorption isotherms and kinetics data of HFC410A onto activated carbons are reported. Activated carbon powder of type Maxsorb III and activated carbon fiber of type A-20 have been used as adsorbents. An experimental apparatus has been designed and built and experimental investigation has been carried out at five adsorption temperatures in the range of 10e50 C. Experimental ... Read more

2018-12-29 14:39:08 Keywords Cooling,
Experimental and theoretical study of adsorption kinetics of Difluoromethane onto activated carbons
This paper presents theoretical and experimental adsorption kinetics of Difluoromethane (HFC-32) onto activated carbon powder of type Maxsorb III and activated carbon fiber of type A-20. The experimental runs have been conducted on an apparatus that has been designed and built specially for this purpose. The adsorption kinetics have been determined at different adsorption temperatures ranging from 25 C to ... Read more

2018-12-29 14:41:39 Keywords Cooling,
Adsorption Isotherms and Heat of Adsorption of Difluoromethane on Activated Carbons
Experimental adsorption data of difluoromethane (HFC-32) on activated carbon in powder (ACP) and fiber (ACF) forms over a range of (25 to 75)°C and pressures up to 1400 kPa are reported. The data are fitted to Tóth and Dubinin− Astakhov isotherm equations. Adsorbed phase volume is derived from the data. Isosteric heats of adsorption are extracted, and their dependence on ... Read more

2018-12-29 19:32:20 Keywords Cooling,
Adsorption cooling system employing granular activated carboneR134a pair for renewable energy applications
An adsorption cooling system has been designed and built employing granular activated carbon (GAC)eR134a as adsorbenterefrigerant pair. The performance of the system has been determined using a cycle simulation computer program written in Fortran. The performance of the system has been determined varying driving heat source inlet temperatures and delivered evaporator temperatures. The maximum driving heat source temperature is kept ... Read more

2018-12-29 19:33:55 Keywords Cooling,
An overview on adsorption pairs for cooling
This studyisasurveyforworkingadsorbent–refrigerantpairsandthenewpairsforpotential applications.Thestudyintroducesaclassificationfortheadsorptioncoolingsystemsandacomparison betweenthembasedontheemployedadsorptionpairs.Thecomparisonisonthebasisofthelimitsof use suchascoefficientofperformance(COP),drivingtemperature,evaporationtemperatureand specificcoolingpower(SCP).Thestudyalsointroducesareviewofthemostpromisingnewadsorption pairs.Thenewpairsareintroducedfromthepointofviewofitsadsorptioncharacteristics.Finally,the studyconcludedthatthefutureofadsorptioncoolingcouldbemorepopularasitwillofferanswersfor the existingchallenges. Read more