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Faculty of medicine

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2018-11-28 16:57:21 Keywords Random fixed point, , one Random Metric Spaces, ,
Random Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Compatible Mappings under Implicit Relation in Cone Random Metric Spaces
In this paper, we establish a unique common random fixed p oint t heorem i n c one r andom m etric spaces for four weakly compatible mappings by using an implicit relation. Some corollaries of this theorem for two and three random weakly compatible mappings are obtained. Some examples are given to support our generalization. Our results presented in ... Read more

2018-11-28 17:02:47 Keywords coupled random fixed point, ,
A Coupled Random Fixed Point Result With Application in Polish Spaces
In this paper, we present a new concept of random contraction and prove a coupled random fixed point theorem under this condition which generalizes stochastic Banach contraction principle. Finally, we apply our contraction to obtain a solution of random nonlinear integral equations and we present a numerical example. Read more

2018-11-28 17:11:15 Keywords Common Fixed Point, ,
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Weak Contraction Mapping of Integral Type in Modular Spaces
In this paper, we prove three common fixed point theorems for weak contraction mappings of integral type in modular spaces. In the first theorem we prove a common fixed point of ρ-compatible mappings satisfying a (ϕ - Ψ)-weak contraction. The second theorem is another version of the first theorem. In the third theorem we study a common fixed point of ... Read more

2018-11-28 17:26:34 Keywords Random fixed point, ,
Common random fixed point results with application to a system of nonlinear integral equations
In this paper, we prove a common random fixed point theorem for two pair of weakly compatible mappings in separable Banach spaces. A corollary of the theorem is obtained and an example is given to verify this corollary. An application is given to obtain the existence and unique solution of system of random nonlinear integral equations. Read more

2018-11-06 18:34:25 Keywords ARI, prevalence , Risk factors, ,
acute respiratory infection prevalence  and related risk factors in school-age children in Egypt: a cross-sectional study
Introduction Acute respiratory tract infection (ARI) is a common health problem and one of the leading causes of infectious disease morbidity and mortality in the world (WHO., 2007). Approximately one in three respiratory episodes were associated with a doctor’s visit, and one in four necessitated time off school or work (Leder et al., 2003). Inappropriate antibiotic use for treating ARI ... Read more

2018-11-01 03:19:28 Keywords phenylketonuria, IQ, Autism, , CARS, ADHD, Upper Egypt,
Clinical and neuropsychological outcomes for children with phenylketonuria in Upper Egypt; a single-center study over 5 years
ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Phenylketonuria (PKU) is considered to be a rare inborn error of metabolism but one of the commonest causes of mental retardation if untreated. OBJECTIVES: The present study was done to characterize the clinical patterns of PKU and analyze various neuropsychiatric outcomes in PKU children in Sohag Province, Egypt. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A prospective cohort study was conducted on ... Read more

2018-11-01 03:29:22 Keywords procalcitonin, CRP, diagnosis, ,
Procalcitonin or C-reactive protein or both for diagnosis of neonatal sepsis?
ABSTRACT Background: Early recognition and diagnosis of neonatal sepsis is difficult because of the variable and non-specific clinical presentation of this condition. It is extremely important to make an early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis for the prompt institution of anti-microbial therapy, which improves outcomes. Aims: The aim of this study was to determine the role of Procalcitonin (PCT) and C-reactive ... Read more

2018-11-05 08:08:30 Keywords Tenacibaculosis, T. maritimum, ,
Experimental Infection of Tenacibaculosis and a Trial for Treatment by Plant Extract Carvacrol in Surge Wrasses Fish (Thalassoma Purpureum)
The experimental infection of surge wrasses fish by Tenacibaculum maritimum was successfully conducted through immersion bath for 18hrs in 1.5x106 suspension, the infected fish exhibited skin ulcers, stomatitis, tail rot, signs of respiratory distress as gasping and accumulation at air source site in association with 60% mortality. Carvacrol is a major compound of oregano and thyme and has antimicrobial activity ... Read more

2018-11-15 13:24:08 Keywords Water mites, oribatid, ,
A new aquatic oribatid mite, Trimalaconothrus crassipes n. sp. (family: malaconothridae), Sohag, Egypt.
The oribatid mite _Trimalaconothrus crassipes_ n. sp. was described for the first time from the roots of the floating aquatic plant, _Eichhornia crassipes_, River Nile, Girga, Sohag, Egypt. The present species has the characteristic features that are in accordance with those of family Malaconothridae and genus_ Trimalaconothrus_. The present species has specific characters compared with characters of other species of ... Read more