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2018-09-25 18:21:12 Keywords Adjectives, Pragmatics, Marketing,
4.	The Power of Adjectives: The Case of Product Naming
Adjectives are integral elements in linguistic structures whose main function is to identify, describe and modify nouns or pronouns. Concerning their position, Ferris (1993:36-37) notes that in English adjectives may occupy different positions. In Arabic, adjectives occupy a post-nominal position as in Waladun kabīrun A boy big Adjectives in English and Arabic mainly occur with the nouns or pronouns they ... Read more

2018-09-12 14:50:10 Keywords Nursing profession, Marketing,
Marketing nursing profession for nurses
Internal marketing programs in nursing schools, faculties, hospitals and other health care organizations are recommended in order to help increase job satisfaction and employee retention, and to enrich the work environment by having employees who truly enjoy their profession. Read more

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