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2019-09-26 21:50:48
دليل اعتماد الجامعات
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2018-10-22 16:12:21
BBC learning English
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3.	Resolving Ambiguity of Some Egyptian political Jokes Contemporaneous with 2011 Revolution
This paper focuses on resolving ambiguous jokes that were contemporaneous with 2011 revolution in Egypt. It observes that some jokes are easily understood by some and are unintelligible to others. The current study is a qualitative descriptive research that depends on collecting and analysing qualitative data. The data is classified into three groups each of which represents a group of ... Read more

2018-09-25 18:21:12 | Keywords Pragmatics, Adjectives, Marketing,
4.	The Power of Adjectives: The Case of Product Naming
Adjectives are integral elements in linguistic structures whose main function is to identify, describe and modify nouns or pronouns. Concerning their position, Ferris (1993:36-37) notes that in English adjectives may occupy different positions. In Arabic, adjectives occupy a post-nominal position as in Waladun kabīrun A boy big Adjectives in English and Arabic mainly occur with the nouns or pronouns they ... Read more

2018-09-25 17:25:40 | Keywords Whole and partitive, Semantic analysis, Reflexivity,
2.	A Semantically Based Analysis of Whole and Partitive Reflexive Constructions  in   English and French
Reflexivity can be regarded as a means by which a linguistic structure echoes a real life situation in which an individual affects himself whether in a whole or a partial sense. Reflixivity represents a prevalent linguistic aspect in most if not all languages. There are points of resemblance as well as variation pertinent to reflexivity cross-linguistically. Thus French is said ... Read more

1.	The Semantics of the Nominative and the Accusative Experiencer in Arabic.
This paper investigates the strong relationship between syntax and semantics or the aspects of the syntactico-semantic interface which are quite important for a satisfactory analysis of linguistic constructions. This is achieved through highlighting the correlation between the experiencer role and its case marking when it is in the nominative and the accusative cases. Case marking represents a pivotal issue in ... Read more

Semantics and morphology  ..  Quiz1
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Syntax.. Quiz 1
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Midterm exam
Write one sentence that has inflection derivation open class word closed class word regular plural word zero morpheme word a cranberry morpheme word a noun derived from a noun Read more

Why is this sentence ambiguous? I bought blue shirts and trousers Read more

Distinguish between the two italicised words The _plays_ are interesting He _plays_ well Read more