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Publications Which contain the keyword: Air pollution

2018-11-24 23:11:12 Keywords Air pollution, Heavy metals, Eucalyptus rostrata,
The physiological response of Eucalyptus rostrata due to exposure to heavy metal air pollutants was investigated. The heavy metals Cu, Cd, Fe, and Pb were applied to the above ground parts of the plants, under greenhouse conditions. The metal contents were proportional to the metal concentration in the sprayed solutions. Increasing sprayed metal concentrations was found to have an important ... Read more

2018-11-24 23:34:01 Keywords Stomata, , Dust, , biomonitoring, Air pollution, Ficus nitida,
Bio-monitoring of Airborne Dust Particles Pollutants by Morpho-anatomical Reactions of Urban Tree Leaves Under Dry Climate
THIS IS A MORO- ANATOMICAL study where Ficus nitida tree leaves from dust-affected street are compared with those of control from a pollution free site. Under the impact of dust particles, leaf sizes and specific leaf area are significantly smaller and stomatal density differs. Under pollution circumstances, visual symptoms including chlorosis /yellowish and dark spots on the adaxial surface of ... Read more

2018-11-25 00:04:51 Keywords biomonitoring, Radionuclides, Air pollution, urban trees, Eucalyptus,
BIO-MONITORING OF RADIONUCLIDES AIR POLLUTION USING physiological responses of urban trees
Contamination of environment by radionuclides in territories under urboecosystem conditions is an actual problem. The search for new express methods for radioactivity determination of environment is an important task of research. The present work evaluated the ability to use Eucalyptus globulus leaves to act as bio-monitor for environmental radionuclides air pollution. The accumulation features of radionuclides (226Ra, 232Th, 40K) in ... Read more

2018-10-09 14:49:08 Keywords urban trees, Urban pollution, biomonitring, Air pollution,
Urban Trees as biomonitor of air particulate pollutants
Urban Trees as biomonitor of air particulate pollutants Read more

2018-09-16 10:22:52 Keywords Air pollution, Pollutants, Decomposition, TSP, Stereo M\, Stereo M, ICP-OES,
21.	Air pollution and aspects of degradation "Umayyad Liwãn-Amman citadel as a case study"
Many natural stone monuments have suffered from serious damages that due to natural weathering, pollution and other factors of deterioration and using insufficient maintenance of susceptible materials or inappropriate conservation. Considerable attention has been paid in recent years to the decay of carbonate building stones [Limestone and Marble] especially in aggressive polluted environments, moreover, color changes, patina, blacking of rock's ... Read more

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