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Publications Which contain the keyword: drought stress

Study of antioxidant enzymes associated different abiotic stresses during seed germination of four sorghum cultivars and their genetic relationship using RAPD and ISSR
In this work, the ability of different sorghum cultivars to germinate under the influence of different environmental conditions was investigated. Cultivars G15 and Sh305 expressed higher percentages of seed germination and seedlings growth than those of Dorado and Sh306 cultivars under the influence of relatively high temperature and concentration of PEG or NaCl. In comparison to control, extremism in temperature, ... Read more

2018-11-28 14:17:40 Keywords wheat, LINES, drought stress,
Increasing yield potential of promising bread wheat lines under drought stress
Fifty four spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes of diverse origin evaluated for four water irrigation treatments over two seasons. That evaluated 54 spring wheat promising lines for 4 potential competition traits, including plant height (PH), heading to date (HD), 1000-kernel weight (TKW), and grain yield (GY) for the ability of these genotypes to achieve high yields. Differences were found ... Read more

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