Alaa- Eldin Hassan Mohamed (Alaa Elsuity)

Professor - Professor of General Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: 25 El-Gomhoryia Street- Elmoubarak Tower-Sohag



Publications Which contain the keyword: Surgical intervention

2018-10-11 10:54:50 Keywords Surgical intervention, Abdominal wall tumors,
Abdominal Wall Tumors:A Retrospective and Prospective Study.
ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Abdominal wall masses are not uncommon diseases that manifest with solitary or multiple lesions and can be associated with intraperitoneal diseases, Tumors of the abdominal wall may be benign locally malignant or malignant. This review aims to study the incidence and pattern of abdominal wall tumors in Sohag governorate and to address the different types of these tumors, ... Read more

Surgery for Infantile Hemangioma: Indications and Efficacy
In the present study, we found that surgical excision of hemangiomas yielded acceptable outcomes in complicated lesions and lesions with functional or cosmetic concerns during both the proliferative and the involutional phases. With all treatment modalities for hemangiomas, surgery is still indicated for selected cases and more that it would be thought. Following the proper reconstructive options yield the best ... Read more

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