This paper introduces design of reconfigurable antenna to operate at 27 GHz for future 5G applications. The frequency reconfigurable coding metasurface (FRCMS) antenna is composed of conventional patch antenna on circular substrate and circular coding metasurface with the same diameter of 15 mm (1.35 λ0). The FRCMS antenna introduces compact size and low profile (thickness = 1.2 mm (0.108 λ0)). The coding metasurface is composed of four-unit cells oriented periodically in both vertical and horizontal directions. The operating resonant frequency can be changed by rotating the unit cells mechanically around its center by 90º. The coding metasurface is working as a dielectric substrate. Changing the code sequence affects the equivalent relative permittivity of the substrate and hence the resonate frequency. The FRCMS antenna achieves tunability range from 26.68 GHz to 27.27 GHz. Moreover, it achieves a high realized gain and bandwidth of more than 7 dBi and 600 MHz, respectively.