Background: Severity of lymphocytic infiltration to gastric mucosa is a good indicator for severity ofH.Pylori gastritisObjectives: To evaluate the lymphocytic infiltration in the gastric mucosa associated with H.Pylori infection.Patients and Method(s): This study done on 50 cases with chronic gastritis and H.Pylori were detected by using geimsa stain with evaluation of degree of lymphocytic infiltrationResults: H.Pylori infection was detected in 86% of cases with mild, moderate and severs infection in (34%, 42% and 10%) respectively. The lymphocytic infiltration found in 66% of cases with four levels (mild24%,moderate 16%, sever withoutL.F 18%,sever with L.F 8%). There was statistically significant relation between severity of H.Pylori infection and severity of lymphocytic infiltration (p≤0.001).Conclusion: Lymphocytic infiltration is an important feature of H.Pylori gastritis.Keywords: H.Pylori, Chronic gastritis, Lymphocytic infiltration.