Purpose  To Evaluate & Enhance Current use & Acquired Experiences, of PACS & 

Teleradiology systems in Sohag university hospital in  general  and  Radiology Department 


Methods  Millensys PACS "work space version" (Millensys company, Egypt), 

installed in Radiology Department , Sohag University Hospital to be evaluated regarding the 

acquired experience & values of its application & use during the duration of the research  -  18 

Months -  , begin on 15 November 2015 to 1 June 2017.

Results  The total number of cases sent on PACS during the duration of the study  was 57453

case  .    89.47% of them were sent from CR, 7.50% CT cases & 3.03% were MRI cases.  Some 

months are showing a drop in number of sent cases on PACS.    only 4.9% of sent CT cases 

and 17% of sent CT cases  was reported on our PACS,  Only 8 Cases of CT & 0 Cases  MRI 

are verified all over the duration of the study. Representing 0 % cases of MRI and 0.01% of 

cases of CT.  the net result economization  of PACS  for  Sohag university hospital during the 

duration of the study is  1550000 EGP.

Conclusion  PACS  can provide great  services for  either radiology department or other 

emergency departments in hospitals where  it implemented, in the form of  good archiving,  Rapid 

delivery of  scans,  Rapid  delivery of  reporting, and  Economic gains. But all this previous 

advantages  & gains  are in  bad need and affected  significantly by  Good Training,  Acceptance of 

team work, Good Supervision, Network integrity and Maintenance

Keywords: PACS, Teleradiology, Imaging Informatics, Filmless Radiology.