Although cytopenia is common during the first few months following transplantation

owing to induction and maintenance immunosuppressant, little is known about the

prevalence of cytopenia in transplant patients beyond the first 6 months after

transplantations. Thus, we conducted the present study to investigate the

prevalence of chronic cytopenia in renal transplant recipients.

Patients and methods

This was a cross-sectional descriptive study carried out on 81 kidney transplant

recipients in the renal transplant clinic at Sohag University Hospital during the

period from February 2018 to February 2019. A nonprobability consecutive

sampling technique was employed to recruit eligible patients.


Regarding study outcomes, we found that 44.4% of our study group had anemia,

38.3% had normocytic anemia, and 6.2% had microcytic anemia. Regarding the

degree of anemia, 17.3% of the patients had severe anemia, 17.3% had mild

anemia, and 9.9% had moderate anemia. In addition, 3.7% of the study groups had

leukopenia and 1.2% had leukocytosis. Regarding platelets, only one (1.2%)

patient had thrombocytosis.


Chronic posttransplantation cytopenia is a common complication after kidney

transplantation, especially anemia. Therefore, it is recommended that physicians

involved in renal transplantation consider the investigation and follow-up of

transplant recipients for posttransplantation cytopenia and adopt appropriate

preventive and therapeutic measures. In addition, we recommend further

studies on a larger number of patients, with focus on the link between

posttransplantation cytopenia and mortality.