Paranasal sinuses are the cavities at the skull that make

it lighter in relation to its volume. Sinuses are present

on both sides at their locations either frontal, ethmoid,

maxillary, or sphenoid sinuses [1]. Aplasia or agenesis

of sinuses can occur alone or in association with other

syndromes and can occur also unilateral or bilateral [2].

Frontal and maxillary sinuses are the most common site

for agenesis. Researches about frontal sinus agenesis were

conducted in Saudi Arabia [1], Turkey [2], and India [3],

which revealed an incidence ranging from 2.5 to 3.8%.

So generally it is not a common finding. The incidence

of unilateral frontal agenesis is relatively more common

than bilateral. The right side is more affected than the

left, and it is relatively more common in females than in

males [1–3].