The effects of five corn hybrids on some biological parameters
of R. maidis were studied under laboratory conditions. The lowest
developmental time of nymphal stage was recorded on Hi-Tech-2066
with 5.13 days. The highest mean number of offspring was recorded on
Hi-Tech-2066 (46.20 nymphs/ female), while Hybrids Watania-6 and 131
gave the significantly lower mean number of 30.67 and 29.80 nymphs/
female. The same results were obtained for Mean No. of offspring/day.
The longest and the shortest adult longevity of R. maidis recorded on
Hi-Tech-2066 and Watania-6, respectively. However, the longest and
the shortest life cycle duration were recorded on hybrid 132 and hybrid
Watania-6, respectively. The duration of the longest generation time was
recorded on hybrid 131 (6.87 days) followed insignificantly by hybrid 132
(6.53 days). However, the duration of the shortest generation time was
recorded on hybrid Hi-Tech 2066 (5.80 days) by insignificant differences
with Watania-6 and Hi-Tech 2031 with 6.27 days for both.