The fruit goji berry of Lyciumbarbarym, a traditional Chinese herbal
medicine, has been widely used in healthy diets due to its potential role in the
prevention of chronic diseases. We studied the effects ofroridin A toxin in male
rat liver and their amelioration by goji extract. Thirtymale adult albino rats were
divided into three groups (10 rats each). Group 1 (Control group) was given only
the solvent(DMSO) of roridin A. Group 2 was administered a single dose (0.6 mg/
kg) of rordin A mycotoxin (dissolved in 1% DMSO) for one week. Group 3 was
treated prophylactically with goji extract (5 mg/kg) using gastric tube daily for 6
days and left for one week. Roridin A showed a highly significant increase in serum
levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and significant increase inglucose, total antioxidants
and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). There was significant decrease in serum
ferritin level. On the other hand, administration of goji along with rordin A
showed a reduction in the above mentioned factors and elevation inferritin level.
Histopathological changes in the rat liver coincided with the above biochemical
changes. In conclusion; the treatment of rats with goji extract ameliorated the adverse
effects of rordin A. Thus, gojimay be used asan antioxidant for certain toxins.