From 18th August to 15th October 2009 the Egyptian-German joint mission of Sohag University and the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz conducted its seventh season of fieldwork in the ancient necropolis of Asyut situated in the western mountains. In addition, the mission studied objects in the magazine at Shutb from 18th August to 15th October 2009Fieldwork focused on Level 7 (Old Kingdom shafts) including Tomb N13.1 (temp. Mentuhotep II), Tomb V (First Intermediate Period), Tomb N11.1 (First Intermediate Period), the Northern Soldiers Tomb (H11.1), the Tomb of the Dogs (Ptolemaic-Roman Period), surveying Deir el-Azzam and Kom el-Shuqafa on the mountain plateau, documenting the architecture of Tomb I (12th Dynasty) and Tomb IV (First Intermediate Period), and the mapping of the necropolis. In addition, objects were studied in the magazine at Shutb.