Microvascular free-tissue transfer has become the best  reconstructive modality of choice for many patients after head and neck cancer ablative surgery. Modern assessment of outcome after such surgical procedures now includes evaluation of QOL. Our series is a prospective study that have analyzed QOL after head and neck reconstructive surgery in Spain and in Egypt using UW-QOL.

Oncologic surgeons must think of all the options available from the reconstructive ladder for the management of cancer defects as it is often possible to carry out adequately safe surgical resection yet provide good function using free flaps .microvascular free-flaps offer a reasonable method for reconstruction of large oral and head and neck defects.

  • The University of Washington Quality of Life questionnaire, version 4 (UW-QOL), a head and neck cancer (HNC) disease-specific questionnaire, is well-validated, brief, simple to process, and proven to provide clinically relevant information, particularly in HNC. 

Patients who score is equal to 100 or higher of 100.This should be clarified. 100 on the UW-QOL, which occur in early stages, do not require further evaluation. Those who score is below 70 could benefit from regular follow up to help clarify the specific problem and the impact of treatment on his quality of life domains