In Egypt, the rate of death/transplantation, decompensation and HCC in patients with compensated HCV cirrhosis is 4.58%, 6.37% and 3.36%, respectively. It is estimated that Egyptian patients with HCV cirrhosis had an annual incidence of HCC with 5.3%. CD34 is a 110-kDa transmembrane glycoprotein present on leukemic cells, endothelial cells and stem cells). CD34 is preferentially expressed on the surface of regenerating or migrating endothelial cells and is a marker of proliferating endothelial cells in the growing sprouts during angiogenesis.

Aim of the work: The aim of the present study was to analyses the correlation between CD34 and the clinical severityof CHC.

Methods: A total of 70 adult patients with chronic hepatitis C infection in various stages with no evidence of cirrhosis, were recruited for the study. We studied the expression of CD34 in liver specimens from chronic HCV infected patients using a computer-based analysis of immunohistochemical staining and confirmed it by Western Blot.

Results: CD34 significantly related with AST and ALT levels. Also, it is significantly related with alpha-fetoprotein and prothrombin concentration. Also, There was a significant relation between CD34 and fibrosis stage.

Conclusion: A direct correlation existed between endothelial cell markers CD34 expression and the progression of fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C. The immunohistochemical methods of this molecule can be important clue in future prognostic strategies.