Background: Papular urticaria is a prevalent disturbing fault manifested by chronic or
recurring papules caused by a hypersensitivity response to the bites of mosquitoes, bedbugs,
fleas, and other insects. Dermanyssus gallinae was previously detected as an etiological agent
for papular urticaria and chronic itching by several researchers worldwide.
Objective: Throwing light on Dermanyssus gallinae as a cause of papular urticaria in Upper
Egypt and discussing associating risk factors.
Patients and methods: The present study evaluated patients who attended the Dermatology
Outpatient Clinic, Sohag University Hospitals, Egypt, and were diagnosed as papular
urticaria. Some of the chronic patients gave a history of exposure to domestic poultry or
birds’ nests and insect bites. They were selected from 97 patients who complained of itching.
They were advised to bring any insects that can bite them or come in contact with their skin.
Which were then referred to Parasitology unit for identification by light (LM) and scanning
electron microscopy (SEM). Results: The examined arthropods were identified as D. gallinae in thirty cases and human
fleas in two cases. LM and SEM showed the remarkable identifying features of D. gallinae
Conclusion: This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first repot of D. gallinae infestation in
Egypt. Pruritic dermatitis caused D. gallinae (associated with papules and vesicles) may
sometimes be mistaken for scabies. Therefore, meticulous history taking and environmental
inspection is necessary to discover the etiology of papular urticaria.