Elham Atef Abdelazeem

Demonistrator - Demonstrator at pediatric Nursing Department

Faculty of Nursing

Address: Sohag- Tema City



Plan 2017/2018

2018-10-04 14:36:52 |

 Plan 2017/2018 for the clinical course of Pediatric Nursing Department

It is prepared by Pediatric Nursing Staff for the third year nursing students, it includes the clinical lectures' schedule, hospital training plan, conferences, case study plan, application and checklist schedules and dates for exams ( Quiz1, Quiz2, Midterm and OSCE)

it is explained by staff members ( Demonstrators and teaching assisstants) of the pediatric nursing department at the begining of the second term for 2017/2018 year

The course map is provided in the attachment below and the other plans are provided in the course supplements 

Hospital Distribution 2017-2018

2018-10-04 14:41:53 Plan 2017/2018
Hospital Plan 2017/2018 Read more

Conferences 2018

2018-10-04 14:49:10 Plan 2017/2018
Conferences 2018 Read more

lectures' schedule

2018-10-04 14:59:05 Plan 2017/2018
clinical lectures' shedule 2017-2018 Read more

Application plan 2017- 2018

2018-10-05 12:14:47 Plan 2017/2018
Application and checklist plan 2017- 2018 Read more

Case study plan 2017-2018

2018-10-06 10:18:36 Plan 2017/2018
Case study Plan 2017/2018 Read more