Topics Covered

1- Definition of the e course contents, the purpose and importance of study.

2 Description of plant cell organelles

3- Introduction of enzymes – nomenclature, Specialization classification - the nature of the enzymatic reactions,3- How enzymes work – structure of enzymes - the active site  and - Factors affecting the activity of enzymes

5- Respiration: the definition - types of respiration - stages of aerobic anaerobic respirations -

6-Photosynthesis: Light dependent and independent reactions- C3 and C4 plants.

7- Metabolism of carbohydrates: carbohydrate classification, anabolism and catabolism of carbohydrates

8- Nitrogen and protein metabolism: source of nitrogen, assimilation of ammonia, synthesis of amino acids - classification of proteins.

9- Lipid metabolism: classification of lipid, anabolism and catabolism, importance of lipid in plant cells.