Yasser Fouad A. Selim

Professor - Professor of English Literature

Faculty Of Arts

Address: Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Sohag University. P.C. 82524



Yasser Fouad Selim is Professor of English literature at the department of English, Faculty of Arts, Sohag University. He is also Dean of Al Buraimi University College, the sultanate of Oman (on secondment). Prof. Selim received his PhD in 2008 from Sohag University, Egypt, in joint supervision with the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Prof.. Selim’s research interests and publications focus on English drama, the interaction between Western and Eastern cultures and the formation of identity within the contexts of politics, racialization, and ethnicization in America. He is the author of a number of articles published in international referred journals and the editor of Who Defines Me? Negotiating Identity in Language and Literature (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014).  Dr. Selim is also a certified trainer, an external reviewer for Oman Academic Accreditation Authority; programs reviewer for Oman Ministry of Higher Education; and an editor for a number of international journals

2022-08-17 00:18:59 | Keywords Science Fiction Drama,
Jennifer Haley’s The Nether: Transhumanism in the Post-Internet World
_The Nether_ is a science fiction play written by American playwright Jennifer Haley. The play dramatizes a techno-futuristic image of life as humans become increasingly immersed in the virtual world after the Internet transforms into a technologically advanced sphere called the Nether. This article proposes that _The Nether_ confuses what it means to be real in a world obsessed with ... Read more

2022-08-17 00:16:10 | Keywords Arab American theatre,
Narrating Arab-American Transnational Identity in Leila Buck’s Hkeelee [Talk to Me]
_Hkeelee_ [_Talk to Me_] is a one-woman show written and performed by Arab-American playwright Leila Buck, which explores the history of Buck’s family as she reminisces about the life story of her Teta (grandmother) and intertwines it with her own experiences to better understand what it means to be American with an Arab ethnic origin. This article argues that Buck’s ... Read more

2022-08-17 00:06:01 | Keywords digital theatrecyber,
Cyberformance: towards a transnational user-response theory
Cyberformance is a type of reciprocal digital theatre that provides a space for performers and audiences from all over the world to participate in transnational digitized performances making use of technology, interactive computer platforms and participatory applications. Within this transnational cyber-collaborative theatre community, relationships between the author, text, and audience are redefined. The audiences in cyberformance are internet users who ... Read more

2022-08-17 00:00:14 | Keywords King Lear, The Arab Shakespear,
Decentering the Bard: The Localization of King Lear in Egyptian TV Drama Dahsha
Dahsha [Bewilderment] is an Egyptian TV series written by scriptwriter Abdelrahim Kamal and adapted from Shakespeare’s King Lear. The TV drama locates Al Basel Hamad Al Basha, Lear’s counterpart, in Upper Egypt and follows a localized version of the king’s tragedy starting from the division of his lands between his two wicked daughters and the disinheritance of his sincere daughter ... Read more

2018-08-29 06:36:20 | Keywords Asian-American theatre; Philip Kan Gotan,
The Formation of Race and Disability in Philip Kan Gotanda’s I Dream of Chang and Eng
Philip Kan Gotanda’s _I Dream of Chang and Eng_ (2011) is a fictional imagining of the lives of the conjoined Siamese twins Chang and Eng who lived in the United States in the nineteenth century (1811-1874). The play dramatizes the twins’ ascent from monstrosity to social acceptance. Gotanda draws on the transformation of the twins’ status from the exotic poor ... Read more