Tarek T. Ali

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Address: Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag University, Sohag, P.O.Box 82524, Egypt



Molecular Spectroscopy (CH 322)

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Molecular Spectroscopy Syllabus * Introductory Concepts * What is spectroscopy? * What is spectroscopy? * Types and patterns of thermal energies of gas molecules * Experimental treatment and theory for both vibration and rotation ... Read more

Phase Rule (CH 222)

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PHASE RULE Syllabus * Definitions * What is meant by a phase? * What is meant by components? * What is meant by degrees of freedom? * Derivation of the phase rule * One–component ... Read more

Surface and Colloidal Chemistry

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SURFACE CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS Definitions Adsorption on solid Surfaces Adsorption Isotherms Freundlich Adsorption Isotherm Langmuir Adsorption Isotherms BET Adsorption Isotherms Adsorption on Liquid surfaces COLLOIDAL CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS Definitions Types of Colloidal Systems General Properties of ... Read more

Solid State Chemistry & Catalysis

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SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS Introduction Crystalline Solids and Systems Crystal Structures and Unit Cell Cubic unit cells X-ray Diffraction Defect on Crystal Structures Electrical, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Solids Semiconductors CATALYSIS SYLLABUS Definitions ... Read more