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The awesome 10 years as University Professor taught me the following:

🔵 You can’t be a good Dr if you can’t build a horizontal rapport with students🔛.

🔵 You can discover your own image in their eyes, they hold up a mirror to you.

🔵 You readily see the good in humanity through their daily challenges.

🔵 You spread positivity in the classroom cause a good classroom environment creates genuine fun during lessons.

🔵 You question the purpose of education.

🔵 You take responsibility to act/organize to improve/enhance/develop.

🔵 You can be the change you want to be.

🔵 You can be very patient (much more than u can imagine).

🔵 You can happily change the golden rules in case of exceptional and complicated and tough circumstances.

🔵 Students change our lives, just as much as we change theirs.