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Synchronization of time delay systems with non-diagonal complex scaling functions
This paper deals with a kind of synchronization of dynamical systems with complex variables which is called generalized complex modified hybrid function projective synchronization (GCMHFPS) of time delay complex chaotic (hyperchaotic) systems. In other words, that the time delay complex systems can be synchronized up to a complex function transformation matrix. Moreover, the elements of the transformation matrix are complex ... Read more

2018-09-15 21:01:26 | Keywords Phase synchronization, Time delay,
On Phase and Anti-Phase Combination Synchronization of Time Delay Nonlinear Systems
Extensive studies have been done on the phenomenon of phase and anti-phase synchronization (APS) between one drive and one response systems. As well as, combination synchronization for chaotic and hyperchaotic systems without delay also has been investigated. Thus, this paper aims to introduce the concept of phase and anti-phase combination synchronization (PCS and APCS) between two drive and one response ... Read more

2018-09-04 17:25:17 | Keywords projective synchronization passive theor,
Projective synchronization for coupled partially linear complex‐variable systems with known parameters
The passivity theory is used to achieve projective synchronization in coupled partially linear complex‐variable systems with known parameters. By using this theory, the control law is thus adopted to make state vectors asymptotically synchronized up to a desired scaling factor. This paper deals with sending different large messages which include image and voice signals. The theoretical foundation of the projective ... Read more

2018-09-04 17:29:43 | Keywords Time delayFeedback controlHopf bifurcati,
Chaos control of integer and fractional orders of chaotic Burke–Shaw system using time delayed feedback control
The aim of this paper is to investigate the control of chaotic Burke-Shaw system using Pyragas method. This system is derived from Lorenz system which has several applications in physics and engineering (e.g. secure communications). The linear stability and the existence of Hopf bifurcation of this system are investigated. Based on the characteristic equation, a theorem is stated and proved. ... Read more

2018-09-04 17:32:37 | Keywords time delay, Lorenz system,
Bifurcations and chaos of time delay Lorenz system with dimension 2n+ 1
The aim of this paper is to introduce a generalized form of the Lorenz system with time delay. Instead of considering each state variable of the Lorenz system belonging to R">R, the paper considers two of them belonging to Rn">Rn. Hence the Lorenz system has (2_n_+1) dimension. This system appears in several applied sciences such as engineering, physics and networks. ... Read more

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