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 { يَرْفَعِ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا مِنكُمْ وَالَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْعِلْمَ دَرَجَاتٍ }

2018-08-28 00:10:00
الرجاء متابعة مواعيد المحاضرات من اول اسيوع
الرجاء متابعة مواعيد المحاضرات من اول اسيوع إقراء المزيد

2018-08-28 00:07:34
كل عام انتم بخير
كل عام انتم بخير و جعلها أيام مباركة عليكم إقراء المزيد

2018-08-28 00:03:24
التواجد الغالب بشبكة المعلومات
التواجد الغالب لي بمكنب مدير شبكة المعلومات المركزيه إقراء المزيد

2018-08-28 00:00:06
متابعة الموقع الجامعي
علي جميع الطلاب متابعة الموقع الجامعي الخاص بي علي مواقع أعضاء هيئة التديس لمعرفة كل جديد إقراء المزيد

2018-08-27 23:25:54 | الكلمات المفتاحية Computer Networks, Networks,
Multi-Objective Optimization to Find The Shortest Paths Tree Problem in The Computer Networks
Abstract: The shortest paths tree problem when considering cost and bandwidth constraints is addressed in this paper as multiobjective shortest paths tree problem. A multi-objective genetic algorithm is suitable to solve the presented problem. Therefore, this paper presents a multi-objective genetic algorithm based on Random Weighted Genetic Algorithm (RWGA) to solve the shortest paths tree problem subject to cost and ... إقراء المزيد

2018-08-27 23:29:28 | الكلمات المفتاحية Fast Fourier Transformation., histogram equalization, Fingerprint, Fast Fourier Transformation,
Adaptive Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based On Cascading Filtering
Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) have recently become one of the best-known and most widely used biometric technologies, which consists of various stages such as Image acquisition, enhancement, feature extraction and matching. The enhancement process is conducted to improve the quality of the fingerprint image and make it more legible and convenient for the further feature extraction process. In this ... إقراء المزيد

2018-08-27 23:37:35 | الكلمات المفتاحية Human action recognition, temporal motion templates, nave Bayes, video interpretation, IIKT action dataset,
Recognition of Human Actions Based on Temporal Motion Templates
Despite their attractive properties of invariance, robustness and reliability, statistical motion descriptions from temporal templates have not apparently received the amount of attention they might deserve in the human action recognition literature. In this paper, we propose an innovative approach for action recognition, where a novel fuzzy representation based on temporal motion templates is developed to model human actions as ... إقراء المزيد

Video Object Extraction using the Curvelet Transform
In this paper a novel scheme for video object extraction based on the second generation of the curvelet transform which is called Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform (FDCT) via wrapping is introduced. The main advantages of using FDCT are the approximate properties and the high directional sensitivity of this transform. An imaginary component of the curvelet coefficients to extract the moving ... إقراء المزيد

2018-08-27 23:47:28 | الكلمات المفتاحية constraint based learning, local causal discovery, causal structure learning, conditional independence,
Improved Bayesian Local Causal Discovery Algorithm
This study focused on the development and application of an efficient algorithm to induce causal relationships from observational data. The algorithm, called BLCD, is based on a causal Bayesian network framework. BLCD initially uses heuristic greedy search to derive the Markov Blanket (MB) of a node that serves as the "locality" for the identification of pair-wise causal relationships. BLCD takes ... إقراء المزيد

2018-08-27 23:13:11 | لغة ال C
واجب المحاضرة الأولي من لغة ال C
قم بكتابه برنامج باستخدام لغة ال C يقراء من المستخدم قيم المتغير X و Y ويقوم بطابعة X +y X -Y X % Y X * Y إقراء المزيد

2018-08-27 23:06:39 | لغة ال C
C Task 01
قم بكتابة برنامج فرعي باستخدام لغة ال C يأخذ مصفوفة من 10 عناصر من توع char و متغير c من نوع char و تبحث إذا كان c عنصرًا في المصفوفة تقم بإرجاع true و غير ذلك ترجع false .... إقراء المزيد