Safa El-masry

Teadching-Assistant - Lecturer

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag university-Faculty of science- Zoology department



Safa El-masry

Teadching-Assistant - Assistant lecturer

Faculty of science

Sohag university-Faculty of science-Zoology department


Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) of Jazirat Shandweel District, Sohag Governorate, Egypt
This study gives highlights on the biodiversity of spiders in an olive trees orchard, a lemon trees orchard, and webs of Cyrtophora citricola at Jazirat Shandweel District, Sohag Governorate, Egypt. In addition, it gives a preliminary list of spiders based on the main taxonomic characters. The sampling was carried out weekly or monthly during the period: September, 2015 to January, ... Read more

Studies on the Abundance, Temporal Distribution and Diversity of Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) Associated with Lemon Trees, Sohag Governorate, Egypt
Spiders have an important role in the agroecosystems. They are effective in suppressing the pest populations as biological controllers. This study aimed to study the abundance, temporal distribution and diversity of spiders in an agriculture research site at Jazirat Shandweel, Sohag District, Sohag Governorate, Egypt. The sampling was carried out monthly from January to December 2016 using the beating and ... Read more

2018-09-26 16:26:57 | Keywords Berthellina citrina; Red Sea, ,
Color Polymorphism in the Sea Slug Berthellina citrina (Rüppell and Leuckart, 1828) (Heterobranchia: Notaspidea: Pleurobranchidae) from the Red Sea.
Berthellina citrina (Rüppell and Leuckart, 1828) is a common Pleurobranchid gastropod in the intertidal area of the Red Sea. It has distinct color pattern variation from pale yellow, orange to red. The present study aimed to evaluate whether the variation of these color patterns are due to polymorphism, or may be speciation. Anatomically, the three color patterns showed variations in ... Read more

2018-09-26 16:22:38 | Keywords Redescribtion, Berthellina cit,
Redescrption and some Ecological Traits of Three Pleurobranch Species (Gastropoda: Mollusca) Inhabiting the North-Western Coast of the Red Sea.
Three pleurobranch species; Berthellina citrina (Ruppel and Leuckart, 1828), Pleurobranchus grandis (Pease, 1868) and Pleurobranchus albiguttatus (Bergh, 1905) were collected from seven sites in the upper intertidal zone, on the North Western Coast of the Red Sea; Egypt. They inhabit the lower surfaces of medium sized stones in pools containing water all the time. A redescrpition of Berthellina citrina was ... Read more