Prof. Tarek G. Ismail

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Faculty of science

Address: Zoology Department - Faculty Of Science - Sohag University


2020-07-08 20:11:20
Research Project" course (470Z)
. The "Research Project" course (470Z) was sent to the students through the group Facebook page. The date for discussing the reports will be held on after finishing your final exams.... Read more

2018-09-17 18:23:31
Etiquette of lecture or lab
ETIQUETTE OF LECTURE OR LAB: IN MY LECTURES ABOUT BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION .....REMEMBER * Do not be late for lecture or lab. * Turn your phone off. * Stay awake. * Do not talk during lecture or lab. * Do not leave before the lecture or lab period is over. * Do not anticipate the end of lecture or lab and ... Read more