Mohamed Elsayed

Teadching-Assistant -

Faculty of engineering

Address: Electrical Engineering Dept"4th Floor"-Room 429


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Fully Generalised Spatial Modulation
This paper introduces a novel multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) modulation technique named fully-generalised spatial modulation (F-GSM). The proposed F-GSM vanquishes the pivotal criticism of the conventional spatial modulation (SM) and generalised spatial modulation (GSM) techniques which constraints the data rate increment to be proportionated with the base-two logarithm of the number of the transmit antennas ( ). This logarithmical proportion regrettably, makes ... Read more

Fully-Quadrature Spatial Modulation
In this paper, a new multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) modulation scheme termed as fully-quadrature spatial modulation (F-QSM) is proposed. The F-QSM is a class of space modulation techniques (SMTs) that harness the spatial positions of the transmit antennas in the transmit antenna array to fulfill high data rates. However, the data rates of most of SMTs are restricted to be logarithmically ... Read more

2018 | Keywords MIMO-CEM, one-bit ADC, IoT,
Energy and Spectrally Efficient Modulation Scheme for IoT Applications
Due to the Internet of Things (IoT) requirements for a high-density network with low-cost and low-power physical (PHY) layer design, the low-power budget transceiver systems have drawn momentous attention lately owing to their superior performance enhancement in both energy efficiency and hardware complexity reduction. As the power budget of the classical transceivers is envisioned by using inefficient linear power amplifiers ... Read more

Spectral Efficient Spatial ModulationTechniques
Space modulation techniques (SMTs) have emerged as promising candidates for spectral- and energy-efficient wireless communication systems since they strike a good balance among error performance, power efficiency, spectrum efficiency, and receiver complexity. In SMTs, the information is not only conveyed by the habitual M-ary signal constellations; rather, it is also conveyed by the indices of the transmit antennas. As such, ... Read more

Fully-Quadrature Spatial Modulation over Rician Fading Channels
Space modulation techniques (SMTs) are promising multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) schemes that draw an intriguing attention lately due to their superior performance enhancement in terms of energy efficiency, spectral efficiency, and unpretentious receiver's complexity. In the SMTs, the indices of the building blocks of the communication system are harnessed in an innovative way to embed an additional information. As such, the ... Read more

Higher Order Modulation Scheme for the 1-bit ADC MIMO-Constant Envelope Modulation
The low power consumption merit of the multi-input multi-output constant envelope modulation (MIMO-CEM) system nominated it to be a favorable candidate to design the PHY layer of the low power smart devices that support the internet of things (IoT) technology. Thanks to the CEM, the MIMO-CEM system efficiently overcomes the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) in the transmitter side (TX). ... Read more

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